Why do you need pest control services in Singapore?

Indeed, your house is a beautiful place with reminiscence that steals joy from you. It’s where your moments become memories, and memories become a pleasure. And for a million reasons alike, you absolutely adore your house!

But what if some pests end up destroying your peace of mind, together with the life-time investment you have so dearly made? Sounds a crushing thing to acknowledge, right!? Well, it’s true. However, there is a way out with pest control services in Singapore that are made just to ease your life.

This blog entails different types of services provided by Advance Pest Management Singapore, a company on a mission to revamp Pest control Singapore and some general information about the pests.

Ant Control

Ants will always be the greatest nightmare of your life. Just as the monsoon hits Singapore, ants find a new life and desire for the sweet and left-over food in your house. Nesting is their way of greeting you! Getting rid of them can be a job both troubling and extensive.

Black Garden Ants

Dark black, and 4-5 mm in size, these ants establish colonies with up to 15000 mates where the queen rules and lives up to 12 years.

With their ingrained habits, they are always found in the proximity to high protein and sweet food, while staying mostly in outdoor soil.

Pharaoh Ants

Light yellow, and 1.5-2 mm in size, these ants usually live in colonies ranging from a dozen to few hundred fellows.

Their love for the moisture is portrayed from their close associations in a moist-laden environment. Also, they can travel within pipes and wires while destroying walls and furniture is their ultimate hobbies.

Biting Insects Control

Pest Control Singapore is closely associated with biting insects, whose stings can be one of the moments to remember forever. Their bites leave itchy marks, as they pose the threat of transmitting diseases.

Bed bugs

Bed, and ¼ inches in size, these pests can travel from one place to another, predominantly residential abodes where they begin infestation and destroy furniture. Their interest in human blood sparks at night, when you’re having a peaceful sleep. Nightmares, right!?

Cat Fleas

Reddish-brown, and 2-3mm in size, these require animal or human blood to produce eggs. They spread rapidly due to a fast growth system, and their bites are usually felt at legs and waist down areas.

Cockroaches Control

The cockroach is another name that Advance Pest Control Singapore is linked to. This is because of numerous households reporting their tribulations, stemming from their invasion.

To clear them, Advance Pest Management uses numerous techniques. This includes locating their nest, spraying, and setting traps so that the roots can be squashed out of the equation.

Their habits entail finding a place to live just about in every other corner, feeding on waste, and creeping through even the smallest of holes. The threat they carry is the transmission of exasperating diseases.

American cockroaches

Reddish-brown, these cockroaches find solace in just about every other food we eat. They are mostly found in sewers, cabinets, kitchens, and washrooms; all the damp places.

German Cockroaches

Brown, these cockroaches are more like couch potatoes as they spend most of their time chilling in cracks, holes, and under stoves. Mostly inactive. Talking about priorities!

Mosquitoes control

Advance pest Control Singapore and mosquitoes have a long history! In tropical parts, they show their presence the whole year while transmitting diseases, causing itchiness and biting is always their secret weapon.

Aedes Mosquitoes

Striped Black and white, these mosquitoes breed in clean waters and bite at both parts of the day. Dengue fever is their most fatal weapon.

Culex mosquitoes

Dull in colour, they breed in polluted water bodies and are usually all-nighters. Blood is their solace.

Rats Control

Rats can always anticipate an entrance into your home. Whether it’s food or shelter, they can find your place an excellent abode to spend some great moments of their life.

While causing destruction, they carry the menace of wasting food and spreading diseases, as they often live in drains and horrific areas.

They can grow, and multiply fastly; making it hard for you to get rid of them. And while you try, they can always find a crack or two to hide. Advanced pest control services Singapore is specifically curated to end the chapter for rodents from your life, once and for all.

Roof rat

Brown or black, roof rats can be 6-8 in numbers, living in the same nest. They multiply rapidly with a high reproductive rate, catalysing the measure of the damage they’ll bring.

Being agile, they can enter your abode, climbing the walls. They do not like to explore the ground and remain at the same place. Upon death, their funeral reeks! They smell the stink!

Brown Rat

Primarily in brown, this specie of rats is found mostly in sewers and need the most compact spaces to cause havoc due to their flexible bone structure.

Why us?

Advance Pest Management Singapore provides solutions to tackle just about every pest you can think of. Under its authority, pest control services cost only a fragment of your pocket and are thus extremely budget-oriented.

Its adept professionals are skilled in their job and demand just a few hours or days at most to get things back to normal. Making pest control Singapore cost gentle on your bank account is hard, especially with all the tiring efforts needed, but Advance Pest Management can do it without sacrificing quality.