Ways to deal with termites in Singapore

Singapore remains to continue fighting with termite infestation throughout the year, and most homes are at risk of termite attack. Singapore’s humidity and moist conditions combine with the structural components and increase the risk of termite attack. Termites are not one of the everyday house pests, and it is essential to have a good understanding of their types and habitat before making a strategy to cope with this tiny enemy. Here comes the role of termites control Singapore. Professional pest control services in Singapore use the best termite control methods that surely guarantee results for your money and time’s worth.

Termite colonies have millions of members that work 24/7 daily without sleeping to search the food to feed the colony. They maintain mud tubes, build and repair their nest, and their soldiers stay up all night to protect the colony from enemies. According to pest management, Singapore, there are two common types of termites found here:

  1. Drywood termites
  2. Subterranean termites

Effective Termite Control Methods:

Termites are tiny pests that can go unnoticed, but they may do irreversible harm to your home. A little carelessness of yours could make these insects capable of chewing through all types of wood.

An effective termite control Singapore, such as “Advance Pest Management” (APM), is a requirement and a crucial phase in homeownership. This service for termite control Singapore uses a variety of termite management options available that can provide a long-term cure for eliminating these tiny pests:

Wood Treatment – Borate:

Borate is a natural and efficient termite prevention compound that effectively removes wood as a source of food. It is a wood preservative that absorbs the wood and creates a barrier that termites cannot cross. This procedure of protecting wood does not discolor or stain the wood, nor does it make it more painful to work with, but you have to use it when the furniture and house are under construction. This remedy is less successful if the termite infestation is discovered after the construction of the house. You can use this compound in other parts of the house where wooden objects are exposed. The chemical is advantageous since it renders the wood indigestible to termites.

Liquid Termite Control – Termiticides:

This liquid pesticide control method is the oldest and most effective treatment for termites. However, the latest bait schemes have primarily replaced this, but it was once the best way to deal with termites. This treatment is called termiticide because it destroys termites. It has liquid therapies that use a poison attempt to build a chemical shield around the house that stops termites from getting in and establish a colony. If a client chooses the liquid alternative, a company for termite control Singapore typically sprays small places and cracks in your home where termites might attempt to get in. This liquid chemical is mainly sprayed in strategic parts of your building, including both the inside and outside.



Fumigation is a termite management process that is only used to eliminate dry-wood termites. When it comes to termite infestations, fumigation is the best single-treatment solution that destroys the whole nest. Every other treatment can leave the chance of existence for few termites that can re-establish their entire colony. There are several successful termite management approaches, but none of them has the same degree of assurance.

This termite fumigation method is also known as structural fumigation, in which the entire home is enclosed in a tent and drops specific quantities of gas fumigant into it. This fumigant gas penetrates deep into the building as well as hard-to-reach areas like crevices, attics, and holes to ensure that your house is termite-free.

Termite Baiting System:

Termite bait system works differently than liquid solutions to destroy termites. This method of termite control Singapore costs much lesser than other methods. It is the latest method with a newer approach that is more successful. Most of the bait systems focus on burying a small plastic stake in different locations around your home. These bait traps are more environment friendly and serve as screening devices because of having wood rather than pesticides. This wood works as bait, and they are made to destroy termites uniquely. The pest control company examines these baits to see if termites have gotten into any of them regularly. In case of finding termites, technicians replace this wood with chemicals that are used to destroy termites.

When termites come into contact with the bait, they not only get infected, but these chemically affected termites scatter the chemical across the environment, killing the whole termite colony. These baits may transform into food or liquid, and they are strategically positioned around the house. Few termite control services often use a tracking device to determine if the termite has come into contact with the bait or not.


Pest Management Singapore services are the most reliable, affordable, and effective way for termite control in Singapore. Although there are many tricks, tips, and DIY measures that you can take to get rid of termites, professional help is highly recommended to avoid termite infestation. A reputed professional Termite Control Singapore Cost affordable and provides services starting from inspection to assessing infestation intensity. It then comes up with a complete and adequate plan to control and obliterate termite.