Type Of Termites

Termites have been a pest that a lot of people should look out for as they are known to be very distructive. As they are very distructive, it is important to know what kind of preventive measures to use against them.  However, different kinds of termites will require different kinds of measures, so it will help you in a long run if you are aware of what type of termites you are dealing with.

Types of termite

The common type of termites found in Singapore are the Subterranean termites, Drywood termites & Dampwood termites

Subterranean termites

The Subterranean termite are termites that came from the soil. They tend to build tunnels to their food source and prefer if their environment is moist. One way of telling if you have a Subterranean termite infestation is to look for the mud tunnels that they built.

The type of method used against these termites are the baiting treatment and soil treatment.

Drywood termites

The Drywood termite are termites that may have flown into your home and created colonies in your wooden furnitures. One way of telling if you have a Drywood termite problem is that you can find a pile of brown pallets on the ground near your wooden furniture. Those are termite droppings that the termites has pushed out from the wooden furniture they reside in.

The type of treatment used against these termites is by injecting termiticide into the wood that is infested with them.

Dampwood termites

The Dampwood termite is the least destructive among all three as they do not always invade homes. Instead, they feed on things such as damp and decaying wood. Unless you have an antique wooden furniture in your home, it is unlikely that these termites will be found.

The type of treatment used against these termites is also by injecting termicide into the wood filled with them.


If you are still unsure what type of termite they are or how to handle them, call in an expert and leave it to them to clear the termites out.