Anti Termite Treatment Singapore

White ant pest control Singapore detection – Are you still using the old conventional method for termite detection? How often do you know what your current termite pest control operator in Singapore are doing with a screw driver knocking on door frames or suspected area to check for infestation of “white ants”? Do you really know what are they checking for? Are they checking for hollow sounds on the wood?

The answer is No. In fact, they are checking for sounds created by the subterranean termite control. They create sounds to warn the remaining termites that there are intruders as such by detecting such sounds, service technician is able to tell whether there are infestation inside door frames or suspected areas.

However this type of conventional method is difficult to detect slight infestation.

Termites Control Singapore

Let us increase the chance of detecting even the slightest infestation of subterranean with our termite control Singapore. Contact us to find out termite control in Singapore’s cost today.

Regular Inspections/Spot Treatment

Our termite exterminator in Singapore will conduct regular intervals inspection to your home/premise. Anti termite treatment in Singapore such as spot treatment will be conducted on infested area and 7 days later we will go back to follow up on treatment effectiveness. It is recommended for all landed properties to have at least a routine inspection on a regular basis. Landed properties owners tend to have higher chance of subterranean termites control infestation as soil is directly underneath it.

Post Construction

It will be not possible for a built up house or building to tear down completely just to treat the soil. As such, this termites control treatment is called post construction for houses or buildings in Singapore that wish to treat for anti-termite. This involves coring/drilling at intervals at surrounding of house or buildings and injecting of 5 litres of termite control solution to each hole and sealing it up with concrete and waterproofing cement. With the chemical barrier properly set up, we will be able to warranty the effectiveness for (5) five years.

Preconstruction Anti Termite Control Or Soil Treatment

Soil treatment or Preconstruction anti termite treatment involves creating a chemical barrier underneath the house or building prior construction. The site area is treated with termite control solution before the concrete slabs are laid on the ground. With the chemical barrier properly set up, we will be able to warranty the effectiveness for (5) five years.

Roof Treatment

Did you know that the roof beams in your attics are prone to termites control in Singapore, wood borers and other wood worms?

During the construction of your house, most roof beams are chemically treated against such wood worms before the installations. However, throughout the years, this chemical will eventually breakdown and provide no protection at all.

Let us help to renew the protection of your roof against termites and all wood damaging insects! You will be glad to know that as an experienced termite pest control in Singapore, we offer 2 years of warranty on our roof treatments and provide annual inspection to ensure your roofs are well protected. Contact us to find out termite control in Singapore’s cost today.

Termite Control Products We Use

Termatrac T3I

  • The termatrac t3i is the latest and advance technology in the world in termite detection.
  • With its patented radar detection, a remote thermal sensor and a pinpoint accurate moisture sensor, the 3 in 1 device is the most reliable tool for termite detection.
  • It detects, confirms and tracks presence of termites control through combination of radar technology, moisture sensors and thermal sensor.
  • The three critical technologies are crucial in termite detection as we know that subterranean termite require lots of moisture to survive. When clustered together they can generate heat and also move around in a fast speed to bring their food source back to the nest.


Xterm, a termite baiting system by SUMITOMO CHEMICAL, designed to manage termite control colonies in an environmental friendly way. The bait matrix is made of specially selected compressed cellulose. The active ingredient is a highly active, new generation of Insect Growth Regulator (IGR) that affects the moulting process of termites. It is virtually harmless to vertebrates.

Termite baiting system capitalizes on the natural behaviour of termites. As social insects, termites share their food in a process known as trophallaxis. This trait allows slow acting toxicants to be transferred through the colony. It is important that the action of the toxicant is slow enough to allow the termites to feed, travel back to their nest, and share before taking effect.


Corrective Treatment – A preventive, termite control cost efficient and effective way by applying of termiticide to form up a protection chemical zone against termites at the exterior surrounding foundation that can last for at least 5 years or more. Out termite exterminator in Singapore has the expertise to conduct anti termite treatment in Singapore.

Contact us immediately for termite control measures in Singapore as soon as possible.


Will the termite infestation spray affect us?

Spraying is an effective termite exterminator, Singapore but it is not always safe. Contaminated water and indoor air pollution are common issues. All pesticides are considered potentially dangerous and need proper care to apply quite safely. All pesticides can be toxic to humans, and if a sufficient amount is absorbed through the skin, swallowed, or inhaled, and some can also be moderately irritating to the eyes and skin.

How will I know that my premises are termite-infested?

Termites live in a very humid environment, so that you can find them in moist areas in or around your premises. Before getting the white ant pest control services to tap on wooden structures to check the termites’ presence, the termites make wooden insides hollow and weak. Termite tubes are the most prominent sign of the presence of the termite colony. These termite tubes are made of mud and cellulose.

How long it takes to see results after the initial termite treatment?

The time required by a termite treatment to kill a termite colony depends upon two factors

  1. How large is the termite colony?
  2. What type of product is used?

For anti-termite treatment, Singapore, our company uses termite poisons are designed as a slow-acting product. It allows foraging termite to make it back to the colony to spread poison around. If the foraging termite dies soon, it will not be affected for the whole termite colony.

Should I go for preventative termite treatment?

Yes, indeed, it is a necessity to have preventative termite treatment. Often this is overlooked and maybe a common reason for termite colonization in residential units. Using repellents is an ideal preventative measure to safeguard your premises against termite colonization. Preventative termite treatment keeps you safe and ensures the decolonization of termites, if any. Termite control Singapore costs a very reasonable amount to provide you termite preventative treatment.

Which insecticide/termiticides are used for termite treatment?

The anti-termite treatment, Singapore has insecticides or chemicals present in termiticides are

  • Arsenic trioxide or Arsenious Oxide and White Arsenic
  • Bifenthrin is a synthetic pyrethroid
  • Permethrin that is a pyrethroid
  • Fipronil
  • Imidacloprid a systematic insecticide