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Termites Control Services in Singapore

In Singapore, Termites are commonly known as “White Ants”. Termites can grow at very fast pace in humid climate and tough to control. Termites pest control services in Singapore offered by professional agency can help you in getting rid of these permanently.

Termites Control In Singapore

For termites control in Singapore, it is vital to know about different types of termites that can infest your home. Depending on the nature of the pest, it would be easier to find a treatment solution. Three kinds of termites are:

Drywood Termites: These termites reside in the soil and grow underground. Slowly, they reach up to the surface and infest the building structure and damage the wooden material.

Subterranean Termites: These termites make small colonies and exist in solid dry wood. Termites eat up the wood and make it hollow from inside. It is the most common and destructive type of termites in Singapore.

Dampwood Termites: These termites are the least common and live under the soil like subterranean termites. They are primarily found in the garden, as they feed on tree wood.

Termite Pest Control In Singapore

Termites are inconspicuous and secretly increase their growth around your home. For instance, subterranean termites come from the soil while dry wood termites are found in the wooden furniture; they slowly build up in these areas and become noticeable when wooden frames are half-eaten or damaged by these termites. It takes time to recognise the signs of damage, and the termite infestation becomes severe until then.

Thus, it becomes essential to keep an eye on the factors that give rise to termite infestation so that you can start termite pest control in Singapore. Moisture is one thing that can attract termites and result in their infestation. The furniture, wooden material, or surface near any water source has the most chances to encounter termite existence. Termite exterminator in Singapore is trained to recognise these indications and target these spots to find out termites.

If you want professional services for the detection and termite pest control in Singapore, contact us now.

Termite Exterminator In Singapore

Termite exterminators have various ways to examine, recognise and detect different pest infestations in a place. After that, they employ several anti-termite treatments in Singapore to eliminate and remove the termites’ existence. However, the whole process from inspection to maintenance is systematic and practical for termite removal.

When you call us, we send our termite exterminator in Singapore to inspect your home or building. The first step is to sift through the entire place and detect signs of the termite infestation. For this, exterminators use different techniques, such as listening to the clicking noises that termites make while communicating with each other. This sound is quite faint and unnoticeable, but an expert will recognise it right away.

The second step after inspect is the monitoring of the termite infestation and planning for their extermination. The process of extermination includes many steps and several treatment procedures. Our exterminators perform these eradication methods with expertise and get you rid of these pests. Lastly, they keep a regular check for maintenance and make visits to examine the effectiveness of the treatment method.

Singapore White Ant Pest Control

Termites are also termed white ant, and they are a common pest in Singapore. The white ant pest control is an ongoing process; no solution can ensure permanent termite extermination. Hence, you require the support of exterminators to control infestation and maintain the pest control treatment.

Anti Termite Treatment Singapore

Termites grow in a large number and reach up to millions. Thus, it becomes significant to control and treat them; however, it is not easy. Termites thrive underground, and termite exterminators use different methods to detect, monitor, and eliminate their colonies.

Pre-Construction Treatment For Termite Control

This termite eradication method is employed before the construction of a building on the soil. In this process, a non-repelling, liquid termiticide is sprayed on the ground to prevent termite infestation. This solution creates a zone of protection from termites on the land. Any termite that passes through this zone will die and poison other termites, resulting in death.

Post-Construction Treatment Solution

After the building’s construction, the post-construction termite liquid treatment is the solution to control termite infestation. This method is similar to pre-construction treatment to create a termite barrier; however, its procedure is different. It includes the drilling of holes at other locations of the building, covering the entire premises. After that, each hole will be injected with almost 5 litres of termiticide solution and sealed with waterproof cement. This chemical barrier blocks the termite infestation and prevents any future build-up.

Termite Dusting Powder Treatment

Another anti-termite treatment in Singapore includes the use of termite dusting powder as a termiticide by exterminators. It has been a typical, traditional, and effective method for white ant pest control. We puff the dusting powder into the mud tubes and localised areas with a termite infestation in this method.

Bait And Monitoring Treatment

Another anti-termite treatment includes the use of bait and a monitoring system. It targets the moulting process of termites and prevents their growth. Monitoring stations are set in the areas where termites may be located, and bait is added to inhibit their growth.

Termite Control Products We Use

Detection and Treatment methods we us:-

* TERMATRAC T3I to detect Termites.

* SUMITOMO CHEMICAL provides a termite control baiting XTERM, that is designed to manage termite colonies in an environment friendly way.

* Corrective Soil Treatment, below are the approved TERMITICIDE which we use in Corrective Soil Treatment.


Termite Control Singapore Cost

Call our professionals for termite treatment at economical termite control Singapore cost!


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1. Will the termite infestation spray affect us?
Spraying is an effective termite exterminator, Singapore but it is not always safe. Contaminated water and indoor air pollution are common issues. All pesticides are considered potentially dangerous and need proper care to apply quite safely. All pesticides can be toxic to humans, and if a sufficient amount is absorbed through the skin, swallowed, or inhaled, and some can also be moderately irritating to the eyes and skin.

2. How will I know that my premises are termite-infested?
Termites live in a very humid environment, so that you can find them in moist areas in or around your premises. Before getting the white ant pest control services to tap on wooden structures to check the termites’ presence, the termites make wooden insides hollow and weak. Termite tubes are the most prominent sign of the presence of the termite colony. These termite tubes are made of mud and cellulose.

3. How long it takes to see results after the initial termite treatment?
The time required by a termite treatment to kill a termite colony depends upon two factors

  1. How large is the termite colony?
  2. What type of product is used?

For anti-termite treatment, Singapore, our company uses termite poisons are designed as a slow-acting product. It allows foraging termite to make it back to the colony to spread poison around. If the foraging termite dies soon, it will not be affected for the whole termite colony.

4. Should I go for preventative termite treatment?
Yes, indeed, it is a necessity to have preventative termite treatment. Often this is overlooked and maybe a common reason for termite colonization in residential units. Using repellents is an ideal preventative measure to safeguard your premises against termite colonization. Preventative termite treatment keeps you safe and ensures the decolonization of termites, if any. Termite control Singapore costs a very reasonable amount to provide you termite preventative treatment.

5. Which insecticide/termiticides are used for termite treatment?
The anti-termite treatment, Singapore has insecticides or chemicals present in termiticides are

  • Arsenic trioxide or Arsenious Oxide and White Arsenic
  • Bifenthrin is a synthetic pyrethroid
  • Permethrin that is a pyrethroid
  • Fipronil
  • Imidacloprid a systematic insecticide