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Advance Pest Termite Control Methods

Let us increase the chance of detecting even the slightest infestation of Subterranean Termite Control Singapore.

Regular inspections/spot treatment

We will conduct regular intervals inspection to your home/premise. Spot treatment on infested area will be conducted and 7 days later we will go back to follow up on treatment effectiveness. It is recommended for all landed properties to have at least a routine inspection on a regular basis. Landed properties owners tend to have higher chance of subterranean termites control infestation as soil is directly underneath it.

Post construction

It will be not possible for a built up house or building to tear down completely just to treat the soil. As such, this treatment is called post construction for houses or buildings that wish to treat for anti-termite. This involves coring/drilling at intervals at surrounding of house or buildings and injecting of 5 litres of termite control solution to each hole and sealing it up with concrete and waterproofing cement. With the chemical barrier properly set up, we will be able to warranty the effectiveness for (5) five years.

Preconstruction anti termite control or soil treatment

Soil treatment or Preconstruction anti termite treatment involves creating a chemical barrier underneath the house or building prior construction. The site area is treated with termite control solution before the concrete slabs are laid on the ground. With the chemical barrier properly set up, we will be able to warranty the effectiveness for (5) five years.

Roof Treatment

Did you know that the roof beams in your attics are prone to termites control, wood borers and other wood worms?
During the construction of your house, most roof beams are chemically treated against such wood worms before the installations. However, throughout the years, this chemical will eventually breakdown and provide no protection at all.
Let us help to renew the protection of your roof against termites and all wood damaging insects! You will be glad to know that we offer 2 years of warranty on our roof treatments and provide annual inspection to ensure your roofs are well protected.

Our termite control services also includes the XTERM Baiting System.

XTERM Baiting System

Our baiting systems use the termites’ own biology to work against themselves and kill the entire colony in an environmentally friendly way. We also offer solutions backed by warranty for houses and buildings prior to construction.


  • Faster action
  • Fuss-free installation
  • Protect the value of the property
  • No drilling/ pumping of chemicals in the home
  • Detects and managing new colonies
  • Safe for environment
  • Unobtrusive bait station design
  • Unique, highly attractive compressed cellulose formulation

How Do We Get Bed Bugs?

Many of us are still wondering how do you get bed bugs? Bed bugs do not just appear on its own just because you did not clean your house or rooms for a few days. It is very likely that you or your family members or your tenants transported them back home without knowing it. If you have been to places that is infested with bed bugs and stayed over there for a night, it will only take a female bed bug to deposit a few eggs into your luggage and transport them back home.

Bed Bugs Control

How we can help you get rid of bed bugs? Our service technicians will conduct a thorough inspection to detect for the source of the bed bugs at places like bed frames, mattresses and mattress sleeves, electrical cables casing and all other necessary areas.

A through residual spray with approved pesticides will be applied at the skirting, mattress sleeves area, bed frames, bed frames joints and all other necessary area. This treatment will be conducted 2 times on a weekly basis at the intervals of 7 days apart. Vacuuming of the place is strongly recommended after our treatment and vacuum bag must be dispose after each vacuuming to prevent cross infestation.

Symptoms of Bed Bugs Infestation

    1. Red swollen patches resulting from a bite
    2. Blood smear on bed sheets and molts
    3. Black colour fecal spots can be seen at side of mattress