Termite Infestation in Singapore

Termite protection is one of highest sought after pest control services in Singapore. As small as they may appear, termites are often a problem for most home owners. Owners tend to feel helpless in cases like this. However, there are multiple termite control measures Singaporeans can adopt. Since subterranean termites have a tendency of residing and consuming wood that moist and soft. A preventive measure would be to keep all wood dry, which will reduce the chances of termite infestation.

Regardless of the anti-termite control homeowners take, it is inevitable that termite infestation in Singapore might still occur. This is when termite protection comes into place.

Many Singapore homeowners are unsure of the different termite protection solutions and its respective costs. Conduct a thorough investigation to determine the severity of the termite infestation. Decide on which method of termite protection to use based on the effectiveness against the infestation. Even so, treating a termite infestation may not be as simple as it seems because of its underlying problems. Termite specialists in Singapore are often sought after for a comprehensive and effective termite protection solution.

Termite protection cost in Singapore

Cost of Termite protection in Singapore varies according to the treatment method and the underlying factors causing the termite infestation.

1. Size and region of the premise.

Depending on the size of the house, different sizes require different treatment delivery. In light of the volume of material used, a bigger house is more likely to cost more in order to fully eradicate the termite infestation. The location of house plays apart in termite infestation as well. Houses situated near parks or gardens are more inclined to face termite attacks as the air and soil are more damp and humid, causing wood surfaces to be moist, and more prone to termite infestation in Singapore. In cases like this, the best termite control measure will require more preventive measures that will incur additional cost.

2. Treatment method.

Simple chemical spot treatments which concern only a small defined area with intention to protect a specific location are more friendly to the wallet. Whereas post construction treatment which requires injecting temiticide into landscape area or drilling holes into the ground slab near to perimeter of building and injecting termiticide into the drilled holes may be costly, however the latter is a full-fledged preventive measure that is very important in removing termites altogether.

3. Types of termite.

There are different ways to eliminated termite infestations. Some require more costly method such as chemicals, while others require simple anti termite protection such as mirco-wave technology.

Choosing the best termite protection specialist in Singapore

It is very important in choosing the best termite protection specialist in Singapore because the life of your house is in the hands of theirs. A wrong move or a missing step can cause severe detrimental effects on the structure or foundation of your house. A research on termite control review in Singapore can be a good gauge on how professional the services are. Check that the pest control company for a valid license in pest control. There are guidelines that these companies have to abide by when performing pest control so as to avoid harming the environment and the land integrity.

Make sure that the termite specialist in Singapore has sufficient knowledge before engaging one. It is of utmost importance in engaging a qualified “Termitenator” rather than scrimping on that additional money and have your building’s structure compromised and ultimately paying more for the damages done. Prices vary according to the severity of the termite infestation in Singapore and also the experience of the Termitenator.