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Advanced Pest Management Singapore

A leading exterminator that provides reliable, safe and professional pest control services in Singapore. Our detection and solution services provide treatment for bed bugs, ants, termites, rats, cockroaches, ticks, and other pest control. We pride ourselves in utilising the latest pest control technology to exterminate pests and prevent new invasions. Our service technicians are nationally recognised professionals who have undergone many hours of advanced training. We use techniques that comply with international health, safety, quality and environmental standards.

Our termite control services includes the Termatrac T3i and XTERM Baiting System.

Termatrac T3i

The termatrac t3i is the latest and advance technology in the world in termite detection. With its patented radar detection, a remote thermal sensor and a pinpoint accurate moisture sensor, the 3 in 1 device is the most reliable tool for termite detection.

It detects, confirms and tracks presence of termites through combination of radar technology, moisture sensors and thermal sensor. The three critical technologies are crucial in termite detection as we know that subterranean termite require lots of moisture to survive. When clustered together they can generate heat and also move around in a fast speed to bring their food source back to the nest.

XTERM Baiting System

Our baiting systems use the termites’ own biology to work against themselves and kill the entire colony in an environmentally friendly way. We also offer solutions backed by warranty for houses and buildings prior to construction.


  • Faster action
  • Fuss-free installation
  • Protect the value of the property
  • No drilling/ pumping of chemicals in the home
  • Detects and managing new colonies
  • Safe for environment
  • Unobtrusive bait station design
  • Unique, highly attractive compressed cellulose formulation

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