Spider Control

Spiders are a vital part of the ecosystem around your home, leave them be and appreciate their work. Dealing with some spider issues at some point in time is inevitable so thus, here are some ideas for natural spider control in the home.

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

As the heading suggest, keeping your house clean reduces the likelihood of a spider infestation. Use culk to seal up any open cracks or cervices, repair any broken door/windows and most importantly clean the house of any rubbish or trash.

Home Remedies

If the preventive measures did not work and you now have a spider infestation on your hand, these are some control methods you can use to deal with it yourself.

Homemade Bug Deterrent Spray

Using sprays such as the anti-spider spray will deter any of these potential spiders from coming in as they act as nerve agents designed to kill them. Albeit, the spray does smell really bad so do not overuse it!

Non-Toxic Sticky Traps

Placing some of these traps at entrances where these spiders can potentially come through helps in blocking the route of access for these insects.

Vinegar Spray

For this spray, it can be made homemade by having a bottle of half water and half white vinegar mixed together. Since spiders hates the smell and taste of this solution, they will be deterred from entering your house. Spray this solution at any cracks or openings you can find or you can even just leave the solution out in the open just for the smell .

These are just some of the home remedies that you can use to deter spiders from invading your privacy. As mentioned above, spiders are mostly harmless and very important for the ecosystem so do not kill them as much as possible unless it becomes a threat to you and your family. If the problem gets too big for you to handle, dial up the pest control management immediately!