Mouse Control

As harmless as they sound, rodents such as hamsters, chinchillas and mice are often kept by owners as pets. However, rats are often mistaken as mice due to its similarity in appearance. The most common types of rat in Singapore are the Norway Rats and the Roof Rats. As the name suggests, roof rats prefer higher grounds and can hardly be found in burrows. Roof rats are very agile and they leverage on this characteristic to climb to higher grounds to gain entry. Therefore, performing roof rat extermination or forms of mouse control against roof rats may not be as simple as it is.

Unlike the roof rats, the Norway Rats otherwise known as the brown rats are often found in sewers. These are usually the type of rodents we can easily identify on the streets of Singapore. As urbanization progresses, resources for these rodents survival are becoming highly available leading to a higher growth rate. These unwanted pests carry diseases and bacteria which can be a potential health risk to households. It is still not too late for any form of rodent or mouse control to stop the breeding of these little walking diseases.

Signs that you need mouse control

The first sign to look out for is foreign discharge. The brown-rice-shaped appearance is a common trait of rats droppings. During any identification of the rats and rodents droppings, bear in mind to never touch it with your bare hands, as they are full of bacteria and can transmit harmful viruses that will cause Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome (HPS). Another sign of rodent infestation is chew marks. Similar to mice, rats chew constantly, and they have the tendency to chew on things that contain food. Any food packaging hard or soft with chew marks on it may be a sign of rodent infestation. Due to its flexibility of their bone structure, Norway Rats only require the size of a dollar coin to gain entry. It also means these rats could be hiding in the sewage drain at the backyard of your house. Any murky grease tracks can also be one of the signs of rodent infestation.

Mouse Control Singapore

Maintain sanitation within the premise is a baby step to rat and rodent control in Singapore. Keeping the house clean and free from litters and leftover food will also help to keep the household free from rat pest. However, if rodent infestation is already present, sanitation will not be of much help and getting rid of its nest is a better option. Engage a mouse control or rodent control professional to perform a full-fledged rat rodent extermination. He/she will first inspect the surrounding to locate the mice’ habitat(s). After which, exclusion will be to seal all openings and entry for the rodents, followed by placing rodent baits in strategic areas. Rodent baits are poison baits whereby it poisons and kills the rats upon consumption.