Insect Control

Is your home becoming a welcome haven for pests such as roaches, ants, bed bugs, spiders, termites or mice? Having these pests scuttling around your house may seem exciting, but they do not belong in your home. So, how exactly do you keep your home free of these unwanted intruders for good? What are the most effective insect control methods that really work?

Keep Your food Supply Sealed

Most pests eat almost anything that they can find. Food left in the open serves as an notice to these pests to let them know that they can invite themselves into your home. Seal and pack away your unfinished food, wash those dirty dishes in your sink, keep the trashcan lid closed. Make sure that your floor and furniture is free from crumbs and stains. These simple insect control steps will reduce the number of pests coming in as there are no food source to appeal to them.

Seal Entrances

Having cracks in the walls or holes in windows/door serves as a convenient passageway for pests to enter. As these pests are desperate for shelter, they will be constantly looking for said convenient passageways to enter into your home. Do a little inspection around your home, find those possible entrances mentioned and seal them up. You wouldn’t want your home to become a hostel for these pests now would you?

Control Water Supply

Pests such as roaches need water to survive. Make sure you drain your sinks and bathtubs after use. Fix any dripping faucets and leaking appliances, basically clean up areas where water is collected. Having a water puddle serves as a playground for these roaches!

Clear Clutter And Debris

Junk here, Junk there! Having clutter and debris lying around your household is a no no. These junks provides shelter for the pests to hide in so remove them at once. Clean up your house regularly to avoid a pileup of clutter which will mean more work to do later on and higher pest infestation rate.

Doing all these insect control methods does not mean that your pest problems is 100% solved, it just means that there is a lower likelihood of having a pest infestation in your home. If you still face such issues, i recommend you invest into some anti-pest products to help kill off these pests. Another point to note is that if the situation gets too much for you to handle, ring up the pest management company asap to deal with it.