How termite pest control Singapore can save your house?

From solace to peace, everything that you deem necessary is contained within the four walls of your house. It’s where your family gathers, your hopes originate, and your memories grow. And for every household, taking care of the abode is the most integral part of care.

House care is something that can always upset the family; especially the mom. And you don’t want your mom in a blue state, right!? Well, yes, we know! Therefore, termite pest control in Singapore seems like something you must have, or not if you don’t care about your home’s long-term value.

This blog pictures every portrait that shows why Advance Pest Management has the best termite control Singapore solutions.

Say no to conventions.

For the longest time now, conventional practices have been the go-to options for getting rid of termites. From knocking the screwdriver at different places on the door frame to random spraying, conventions have become practically useless in addressing the issue from its root.

Do you want something that can end up destroying your entire furniture be dealt with using practices which seem surreal and unprofessional!? Not, right!? Well, it’s about time you harness the more practical manner in dealing with them.

Advance Pest Termite Control Method

Advance termite control Singapore acquires techniques and practices that can locate even the smallest infestations. These are finely tuned to operate in every household, no matter the situation, resulting in large-scale elimination.

Individual Spot Treatment

The best termite pest control Singapore treatment entails the most comprehensive and specific practices so that no matter how intricate the job may be, it can be done effortlessly.

Advance Pest Management uses regular spot detection technique to identify and locate termites. This gives us a starting place to then begin a more intensive process.

Acquiring regular spot treatment means termites will never gain a proper footing at your place and will be eradicated even before spreading.

Post Construction

In several instances, the termite issue stems from the soil. However, it is identified only when the construction has been done and dusted. In such cases, drilling at specific intervals or injecting termite solutions are used first to eliminate them and later fill the holes.

This makes sure that they cannot grow again or multiply, and the walls can remain free of their detrimental effect.

Preconstruction Termite Control

Termite control Singapore costs relatively less when acquired on a pre-construction basis. Under this solution, a chemical barrier is placed underneath the building to prevent termites’ growth and multiplication. Termite control solutions make sure of getting rid of their roots before the concrete slabs are laid.

Roof treatment

In our experience, we have come across hundreds of instances where the termite ends up eating and obliterating the house’s entire roof. The roof beams become prey and yield to their staunch nature.

However, Advance Pest Management provides termite control Singapore costs at a low rate to ensure that everybody can protect their investment using.

Termite Control Products

Termatrac T3I

As a top-notch detector, Termatrac T3I is an excellent tool to reach the depth of termite growth. Its radar detection makes its highly reliable to use, in matters where termites are hard to detect. A remote thermal sensor and pinpoint accurate moisture sensor ensure that you will always get results, no matter the problem’s specifics.

On top of detection, it can also track presence on the finest of terms. An example of its significant application is detecting subterranean termites which need a lot of moisture, and are hard to locate.


Xterm is a termite baiting system that can manage termite growth in colonies using eco-friendly ways. Made from compressed cellulose, the solution is perfect in hampering the termites’ development, along with their moulting process. This ensures a massive wipe-out of a termite nest.

This baiting system hits termites on their own characteristic under which they share their food. As a slow toxicant, it is transferred across the entire population, making sure that all of them can be killed.


Widely used by termite control Singapore solutions, it is a preventive solution that inhibits termites’ life processes. It adds a protective layer against them, that can last for as long as five years; ensuring half a decade of your life is lived free of hassle.

Advance Pest Management uses it on a massive scale to address pest control in Singapore.

What does anti-termite Control mean for you?

Anti termite treatment makes sure that your furniture can retain its stunning look, even after years of use. This comes from the fact that you are kept safe from their attack, which can spring havoc in your life.

Moreover, it also means that your doors will keep looking good. They will not be eaten or fed upon.

Also, it ensures that your property can retain its value even after years of use. Upon selling, you will have the peace of mind that you can still get away with a respectable amount.


Anti termite treatment is an obligation for every household in Singapore. The transition towards technologically advanced practices ensures that it doesn’t take long to identify and get rid of them. In this case, Advance Pest Management Singapore offers a complete range of services, curated and tailored to add convenience to your life.