Housekeeping in Singapore

With working hours ranging from 8 to 10 hours a day, Singaporeans often find it difficult to main proper housekeeping. This essential part of maintaining a household can often slip off the minds of Singaporeans. We tend to find ourselves too caught up with work that our lives revolve around our jobs. We then find ourselves in is a disordered and dirty house paid with our hard earned money. The next thing we find ourselves in is an agency with domestic helpers. These hardworking helpers spend their entire day performing housekeeping duties from cooking, to doing the dishes, to maintaining cleanliness of the household.

Limitations of housekeeping

Whether its being done by household members or hired individuals, housekeeping only covers the maintenance of a house to a certain extent. Most of us have experience in cooking, doing the dishes, washing the clothes etc. However, not many know how to change the lightbulb, or fix water leakages, or even control pest infestation. These are some of the housekeeping duties that are usually handled by 3rd party vendors.

An especially niche housekeeping duty is pest control. Unlike water leakages or faulty lightbulb, pest infestation is sometimes difficult or almost impossible to detect. We might be living in a house of pest without even knowing it. Performing basic housekeeper duties do play a part in reducing pest infestation. However it will not completely solve the problem.

As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure. Even before there is a need to exterminate the pests living in our house, prevent them from entering. Hire an NEA certified/legal pest control specialist to assess the pest situation in your home now.