There are many ways to treat a termite infestation, some are effectively better then others. Comparatively, termite Spot Treatment is one of such effective treatment methods. In this article, we will talk about the two main methods to conduct a termite spot treatment.


Chemical spot treatment

To perform this method, get insecticides in a form of dust or repellent and/or liquid nitrogen and drill a hole in the wall with a suspected hive inside of it then fill it in with the chosen insecticide/liquid nitrogen. All the termites inside should be killed

Microwave treatment

The termite nests are treated with a use of a microwave emitting device which focuses the waves right at where the presumable nest is, heating up liquids inside of termites bodies and killing them in such way. This method is not toxic .

The cost of hiring a professional maybe pricey, but the likelihood of success is high.