There are many ways of finding out whether your house is infested with an army of termites. One easy way is to identify their droppings. However, to be able to identify termite droppings, you must first know what do they look like.

What does termite droppings look like

Termite droppings usually look like a pile of sand, but where should you look for it? Common areas where droppings could be found tend to be on the ground near where termites usually build their nest in, such as wooden furnitures and walls. The reason why you will find their droppings there is because of the way they dispose it. Termites will create holes through the wooden material and pushes their droppings through them. This causes their droppings to gather in a certain area.

If you do see termite droppings, it means that you may have a termite infestation. Termites are pest that can cause serious damage to your properties without you even noticing. Thus, it is important to have professional termite exterminator to perform regular checkup on your home.