Flea Bites

If you are a pet owner, it is not unusual to have concern about your pet. One common pest you should keep an eye out on if you own a pet are fleas. These tiny pest can not only cause discomfort for your pet but even you if you do not take preventive measures. One way that fleas can ruin your day is through their bites as they are extremely itchy. To prevent flea bites you must first identify them. So what do they look like?

What do flea bites look like

One way to tell a flea bites from any other insect bites is that flea bites tend to be found in clusters. Another way to tell if it is a flea bite is that it will be red in color with a halo around it. People tend to confuse bed bug bites with flea bites. This is because both have very similar symptoms.

Bed bug bites resembles more of a mosquito bite and are usually found throughout the body whereas flea bites tend to be found around the leg and angles.

How to treat flea bites

Before learning how to treat them, you should keep in mind to not scratch the bites. This is to prevent any infection from taking place. Apply lotions to reduce the itchiness, you may also use an ice pack to numb the bite and reduce swelling.

Knowing the treatments is only half the battle. To prevent any further bites it is important to get rid of the fleas, one way is to call in an exterminator to locate and remove these fleas.