Where Do Cockroaches Live And Hide In

Some of the scary things are those that you can’t see, many can agree that cockroaches are one of them. These creatures only comes out in the dark, so it is hard to keep track of where they are. Without knowing where they are hiding, it is hard to take preventive measures. So, here are some of the places where cockroaches live and hide in.

Where do the cockroaches hide and live in

The two common types of cockroaches found in Singapore, the American and German cockroaches have different ways of living. The American cockroaches prefers to live in places that are dark, warm and wet. Example of these places are drains and sewers, they can also sometimes enter our houses through places like the garbage chute.

The German cockroaches are different, they are more comfortable living indoor places where it is warm and moist. This include places like under the kitchen sink and in the bathroom.

So how do we prevent cockroaches from living in our home

Now that you know where cockroaches love to hide, you can take preventive measures against them. You can place cockroach traps near areas such at your garbage chute, or places where it is warm and dark. You should also throw away your rubbish regularly as it is a source of food for them.

If you are still unsure of how to stop cockroaches from entering your home or require an exterminator, you can contact us for assistance.