Cockroach Control

Dealing with roach infestation?  You are not alone. Cockroach infestation is the most common problem in the world. There are plenty of prevention methods such as daily cleaning and proper food storage. But, how do you get rid of cockroaches once they have already entered your home? The most effective cockroach control typically requires more than one type of treatment method.

Treatment Methods

Identify & Seal Gaps/Hiding Spots

Thoroughly check around your house for cracks, crevices and holes, cockroaches usually enters your home through these tiny entrances. Additionally use traps, caulk and roach glue strips to seal them up.

Gel Bait/ Bait Stations

It can be used at areas where there is high traffic of cockroaches. These traps are usually effective as they will lure the cockroaches to their demise. However, the downside is that there will be a lot of dead roaches around the house.

Boric Acid Powder

Use of boric acid is deadly to cockroaches. However, the effectiveness of this method isn’t good due to many factors such as incorrect application and air currents displacement etc.

Pest Professional 

A professional will be trained to deal with such situations, thus hiring a advancepest specialist to deal with roach infestation can offer a more effective approach to getting rid of cockroaches and provide a better solution.

These cockroach control methods does not 100% guarantee the extermination of all the cockroaches in your home. Additionally, self-cleaning and constant maintenance of your own home is required to prevent future cases of roach infestation.