Can Cockroaches Fly?

Many can agree that cockroach is one of the most unsightly insects in the world. They are also dirty and tough to get rid of. Surely it couldn’t get any worse than that right? But what if they can fly? Just the thought of it sounds horrifying doesn’t it. Unfortunately, cockroaches can fly, but lucky for you as the way they fly may be slightly different from what you are thinking right now.

Can all types of cockroaches fly?

Fortunately, not all cockroaches have the ability of flight. In fact, out of the thousands species of cockroaches only a few of them are able to fly. Another factor that plays a part is the gender of the cockroach, for some species it is only the males who has the ability to fly.

How do cockroaches fly?

So how do cockroaches fly? Well, instead of flying, it is more like gliding from one point to the other. They are not suited for flying as their body are heavy and their wings are not strong enough to support it. Instead of flying, they actually prefers to run on the ground as they are way faster this way. The only time you will see them flying, is when they are trying to get from a higher to a lower ground or to escape from a predator.

If you spotted a flying cockroach and is afraid that there is more of them, you can call in an Advancepest expert to help you to deal with the problem.