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Sometimes you stay oblivious, and some sneaky pests share your bed with you. Bed bugs are tiny, blood-sucking pests that feed on human blood. Once you are asleep and enjoying dreams, these bud bugs cone out, bite you and crawl away to hide in bed frames or mattresses. Their bite can cause severe itching and discomfort. They reach to other surfaces and spread by crawling to other areas of your room. A female bed bug has a short reproduction cycle, and they multiply quickly. Thus, it becomes imperative to get rid of bed bugs and to call experts for bed bugs control and removal as soon as possible.

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Signs of Bed Bugs Existence

You may not be able to spot the bed bugs because of their small size. However, they leave some signs behind that to indicate their presence and ascertain their presence. These signs can help you identify the cause and source of the infestation, after which you can call professional exterminators to get rid of these bed bugs.

The indications for bed bugs existence are:

  • Bed bugs tend to shed their shells when they develop into adults. You can find these translucent skeletons on your bed or in the infested places.
  • Bed bugs may also leave a trail of blood or red spots if they are crushed. Since they are red in colour, a red stain appears where they have been pressed. So, if you find suspicious red spots on your bed sheet, you can suspect the presence of bed bugs.
  • Bed bugs also cause rusty spots as a result of their excrement on the bed.
  • The easiest way to detect pest invasion is to see live bed bugs roaming over your beds, mattresses, or headrests. They are highly visible on the light coloured surface due to their dark colour.
  • Bed bugs bite humans and suck their blood, which results in red and itchy welts.
  • An unusual odour emitting from your bedsheets can indicate the bed bugs’ existence. Their droppings or faecal pallets cause a musty smell.

If you come across any of these infestation signs, you can suspect bed bugs and contact professional services for the extermination of these pests.

Do Bed Bugs Control

Once the bed bugs’ infestation is identified and confirmed that this pest has certainly invaded your home, your next should be to call an expert and professional pest control company for bed bugs removal. Expert technicians inspect your place thoroughly and detect areas with a bed bug infestation. They examine your entire home, especially bed frames, small spaces, crevices, cracks, and furniture. Once the source is known, they execute treatment solutions.

The treatment consists of spraying pesticides approved by the authorities. It is applied to all the potential areas that bed bugs have infested or may be hiding in there. Residual spray works effectively to eradicate bed bugs and housekeeping are equally important to maintain a good and tidy place to prevent them from hiding. This method is implemented twice at the interval of a week.

After the treatment, vacuuming the place and disposing of infested mattresses is recommended to avoid cross-infestation.

Bed Bugs Control Methods

vacuuming is an easy and careful solution for reducing the number of bed bugs in certain locations mostly where there are clusters or groups of bed bugs. This vacuuming will prevent bed bugs, their eggs and also the allergens that they carry with them. It is not 100%effective, but can help to capture bed bugs. Atrix HEPA Backpack Vacuum, Atrix Turbo Red Canister Vacuum, Oreck Ultimate Handheld Canister Vacuum are the best vacuum for Bed Bugs.

Non-Chemical Controls
Non chemical treatment is helpful to execute bed bugs slowly with heat, steam or froze and also for the items that can’t be washed or dried. Heated steam is passed through a nozzle that aims directly at bed bugs and their nesting area to kill them and their eggs.

Residual Spray
Firstly our service technicians conduct inspection to detect the source of the bed bugs at places where they can be found possibly, after that a residual spray applied at the bed frames, bed frames joints, mattress sleeves area and all other necessary areas. We will conduct this treatment 2 times on a weekly basis at the intervals of 7 days apart. To avoid cross infestation after treatment we must be Vacuuming the place and vacuum bag must be disposed after each vacuuming.

Call for Professional Bed Bugs Control

At Advance Pest Management, we offer you bed bugs control and removal services. Our staff is highly trained in examining and monitoring places to identify bed bugs’ infestation areas. We inspect your home, detect pests, implement effective treatment solutions, and monitor its efficacy and maintenance. Call us now for expert consultation and exceptional pest removal services.

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1. How bed bugs travel from one place to another?
Bed bugs control can be an easy task as these pests don’t have wings to fly from one place to another. They can also not jump, which is why they travel either by crawling or hitchhiking. They use to stowaway your belonging like clothes, laptop bags, luggage, etc. In the apartments, they mostly use piping, ducks, and electric wirings.
2. Can bed bugs travel from one apartment to another apartment?
According to bed bugs control and management professionals, it is possibly more common in apartment complexes for bed bugs to enter a home from a nearby infested apartment, when traveling – or by picking up used or recycled furniture or mattresses. Bed bugs will quickly spread from one infested unit to another once they are introduced into an apartment building.
3. How much time required to treat the bedbug?
Usually, insecticide treatment takes about 30 minutes to 2 hours per room, depending on the room’s size and condition. You can wait until bed bugs control home treatment is completed, and all the insecticides have dried before re-entering your home, or it’s safe to re-enter.
4. Should I throw out my mattress or continue to use it after treatment?
You can continue to use it after a bed bugs control infestation; you do not need to throw out your mattress. This is entirely discouraged. It could be as irresponsible to dispose of bed bug-infested objects as it may lead to the infestation’s spread.
5. Is it possible to wash away bed bugs by water shower?
Bed bugs don’t like water and can swim until they die. It is most likely that you can wash them away from your body as they are not strong enough to grip your hair or skin. It’s much more probable, however, that they stow away in your clothes or purse. That is why relying on only bathing to escape infestations is unwise, and bed bug control is a must.