Bed Bugs Control Singapore

Bed bugs are now becoming a growing problem in Singapore. We always thought that bed bugs only affect us back in the olden days and even staying in urban city now for most of us bed bugs still exists. Bed bugs are blood sucking insects and most of the time you can only get bites at night that is because most of us rest at night rather in the day. Bed bugs detect carbon dioxide emitted out by us and our body warmth. As such, the moment we lie on the bed they will crawl near us and have a blood meal.

Let Us Help You Get Rid Of It Once And For All!

How can we get bed bugs?

Many of us are still wondering how do you get bed bugs? Bed bugs do not just appear on its own just because you did not clean your house or rooms for a few days. It is very likely that you or your family members or your tenants transported them back home without knowing it. If you have been to places that is infested with bed bugs and stayed over there for a night, it will only take a female bed bug to deposit a few eggs into your luggage and transport them back home.

Scary facts of bed bugs

Bed bugs can deposit three to eight eggs at a time and a total of 300-500 eggs by a single bug. Eggs will start hatching anytime between 7 to 12 days and they will take 5 nymph stages to reach maturity. Bed bugs require blood meal to moth to the next stage and finally reaching adult. Adult bed bugs are known to survive for up to half a year without blood.

Symptoms of bed bugs infestation

  • Red swollen patches resulting from a bite
  • Blood smear on bed sheets and molts
  • Black colour fecal spots can be seen at side of mattress
  • Of course bed bugs on bed

Bed Bugs control

How we can help you get rid of bed bugs? Our service technicians will conduct bed bugs control through a thorough inspection to detect for the source of the bed bugs at places like bed frames, mattresses and mattress sleeves, electrical cables casing and all other necessary areas.

A through residual spray with approved pesticides will be applied at the skirting, mattress sleeves area, bed frames, bed frames joints and all other necessary area. This treatment will be conducted 2 times on a weekly basis at the intervals of 7 days apart. Vacuuming of the place is strongly recommended after our treatment and vacuum bag must be dispose after each vacuuming to prevent cross infestation.

We guarantee our bed bugs control service to be able to get rid of your bed bugs infestation once and for all! If we can’t get rid of the bed bugs for you, who else can? You won’t want to be paying for another company who can’t do a proper job for you and ended up paying more than you expected!

Not sure whether it is bed bugs?

Call us for a free consultation and if we cannot detect any symptoms and signs of bed bugs on our visit and yet you are still convinced that it may be bed bugs. Let us do a test for you with follow up for you at a reasonable amount.


How bed bugs travel from one place to another?

Bed bugs control can be an easy task as these pests don’t have wings to fly from one place to another. They can also not jump, which is why they travel either by crawling or hitchhiking. They use to stowaway your belonging like clothes, laptop bags, luggage, etc. In the apartments, they mostly use piping, ducks, and electric wirings.  

Can bed bugs travel from one apartment to another apartment?

According to bed bugs control and management professionals, it is possibly more common in apartment complexes for bed bugs to enter a home from a nearby infested apartment, when traveling – or by picking up used or recycled furniture or mattresses. Bed bugs will quickly spread from one infested unit to another once they are introduced into an apartment building.

How much time required to treat the bedbug?

Usually, insecticide treatment takes about 30 minutes to 2 hours per room, depending on the room’s size and condition. You can wait until bed bugs control home treatment is completed, and all the insecticides have dried before re-entering your home, or it’s safe to re-enter.

Should I throw out my mattress or continue to use it after treatment?

You can continue to use it after a bed bugs control infestation; you do not need to throw out your mattress. This is entirely discouraged. It could be as irresponsible to dispose of bed bug-infested objects as it may lead to the infestation’s spread.

Is it possible to wash away bed bugs by water shower?

Bed bugs don’t like water and can swim until they die. It is most likely that you can wash them away from your body as they are not strong enough to grip your hair or skin. It’s much more probable, however, that they stow away in your clothes or purse. That is why relying on only bathing to escape infestations is unwise, and bed bug control is a must.